Time Your Carbs Perfectly To Crush Your Goals

Timing your carbohydrates is everything when trying to get lean.  Not sure how many carbs you should eat before and after your workout? Synch the answer to your schedule with this complete guide to carb types and timing!

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Your Walking Muscles


walking muscles“represent about 70 percent of your muscle mass” (Glycemic Load Diet p.78).  So activating them is key.

Squats are good, Deadlifts are good, Leg curls are good, Leg Extensions are good, Hack squats are good, and the list goes on.

However, don’t forget to hit the pavement after your workout.  Those Glycogen stores will be depleted and your body will be forced to burn fat for energy.  Get to walking.

48 Hour Rule


According to Dr. Rob Thompson M.D. author of the Glycemic Load Diet, “Whatever you do to reverse insulin resistance, you need to do it at least every other day.  It doesn’t matter if your walk a couple of miles or run a marathon.  About forty-eight hours later, your muscles stop responding to insulin (P.81)”

Insulin sensitivity is key to losing weight.  So keep those muscles sensitive to insulin by walking a couple miles every forty eight hours.

Walk 40 minutes Four Times a Week

walking-postureAccording to the Dr. Rob Thompson M.D., author of the Glycemic Load Diet, “Most studies show that people consistently lose weight — even if they don’t change their diet — if they walk forty minutes four times a week” (P.81).

So try to walk four times a week for forty minutes, that’s around two miles, if you’re trying to lose weight



Remember Walk After you Lift

Walking-feet-pictures-of-feet-walking-clipart-2Remember after your strength training, your glycogen stores are depleted and your body turns to another energy source, FAT!!!

So walk twenty to thirty minutes after your lift and let your body burn that fat for energy.

Understanding Insulin Sensitivity

It is extremely important for your body to be sensitive to insulin.  If your body is sensitive to insulin it has no problem processing carbohydrates for energy.  If your body is not sensitive to insulin, those carbohydrates are going to turn into excess body fat.

So how do we stay sensitive to insulin? Stay active.  Walk for at least twenty to thirty minutes a day.  Engage in weight lifting / strength training.  Stay active and your body will stay sensitive to insulin.

For more information on the importance of insulin sensitivity check out this article on Bodybuilding.com Insulin Sensitivity: Why You Can’t blast That Fat For Good



20-30 Minutes of Walking Turns on Insulin Sensitivity, Getting Lean

glycemic Load Diet

According to the book Glycemic Load Diet by Dr. Rob Thompson, M.D. “Researchers found that it takes between twenty and thirty minutes of walking to switch on insulin sensitivity” (p.81).  Making your muscles sensitive to insulin is key to losing weight and staying lean.

If you want to get ripped, as soon as you finish your strength training exercise hit the pavement and start walking for twenty to thirty minutes.  Sip on your Protein Shake as you go and take advantage of your insulin sensitivity, your body will absorb the nutrients quickly for recovery.

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