Remember Walk After you Lift

Walking-feet-pictures-of-feet-walking-clipart-2Remember after your strength training, your glycogen stores are depleted and your body turns to another energy source, FAT!!!

So walk twenty to thirty minutes after your lift and let your body burn that fat for energy.


Build Muscle With This Workout Build the Mitochondria and Burn the Fat

For those of you who don’t know what muscle hypertrophy means, it means muscle growth.  Here’s a workout to build those muscles as well as mitochondria.  Remember more Mitochondria, more fat burn.

Click the link below

Source: The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout

12 Week Beginners Training Routine

If you’re new to lifting weights here’s a 12 Week Beginners Training Routine designed by Doug Lawrenson from Muscle & Strength. Use this workout to reach your goals!

Source: 12 Week Beginners Training Routine

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